Monday, 13 January 2014


I tend to approach the press with caution always mindful of how some elements of the press portrayed the innocent victims of Bloody Sunday as gunmen and bombers.

As someone who campaigned for Marian Price McGlinchey on a humanitarian level I find the assertion by many journalists that Human Rights campaigners now look 'ridiculous' to be offensive, without merit and little more than a revisionist opinion. One quite possibly manufactured and disseminated to dissuade people from highlighting injustice in the future.

In the North of Ireland the ongoing erosion of civil and human rights continues and I for one will continue to highlight the failure to honour and uphold these fundamental rights. I never condoned the killings at Masserene or elsewhere but by the same token I never condoned state abuse.

The campaign for Marian McGlinchey was mounted to highlight her severe ill health and how her treatment was in breach of articles 3,5,6 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights. I was always fully aware that in the end the serious charges Marian faced would be a matter for Marian, her legal team and the courts. Marian's guilty plea does NOT absolve the state of their wrong doing in this case.
If highlighting human rights abuse can make people like myself and others look 'ridiculous' then those in media should maybe consider how they look when they mostly ignore issues such as these and then attempt to ridicule those who don't.

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