Friday, 21 February 2014

Power to the pocket.

 The Consumer Council held an event in Derry today. The event was held to give people who work in different services advice on what the Consumer Council does, what protections people have as consumers and how we can all save money.  And with everyone feeling the pinch of rising prices we could all do with having a few extra quid in our pocket.

Here's a few snippets of the information they provided.

If you switch energy provider and/or billing methods you can in some cases save up to £108 per year.

If you use oil and switch to a high efficiency oil boiler (grants are available) you can save up to £320 per year.

Draught proofing can save you up to £55 per year.

Turning off appliances /lights/switches/stand by you can save up to £70 per year.

Turning your thermostat down by one degree can save you up to £65 per year.

Having your loft insulated can save you up to £180 per year.

Cavity wall insulation can save you up to £140 per year.

For information on home insulation & available grants:

There's a load of information available from the Consumer Council and you can get this from their website or if you need specific advice you can contact them in other ways.

You can contact the Consumer Council by letter, telephone, fax or e-mail:

The Consumer Council
116 Holywood Road

Tel: 028 9067 2488028 9067 2488


If you have a complaint about buses, trains, planes, ferries, natural gas, electricity, coal or water contact the Consumer Council complaints team by letter, telephone or e-mail:

Telephone: 0800 121 60220800 121 6022

You never know you might save yourself a tidy sum!

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