Saturday, 12 April 2014

Their words not mine!

I have a tendancy to sound off about things that concern me. However in this blog I am going to say very little, but provide a reminder of what was promised by the two main political parties in this city during the last election. Derry has the highest unemployment rate in the North and 35% of our children are living in poverty. In your opinion have these parties fulfilled their promises?


And here's some of Sinn Feins Literature, some of which is from a 2010 edition of Glor Dhoire


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  1. I,m sure those engaged in the ruling by fooling curse the day you were born hon, your like a prick up the ass but not the pleasurable kind as enjoyed by Adams and co,the stoops fare no better when you highlight their incompetence also,its people like you hon that stop those bastards totally screwing the people keep up the good work a cara .