Saturday, 17 May 2014

Standing up for Derry!

Rethink wasting your vote -Vote Independent
Next Thursday May 22nd we have the chance to play our part in bringing forward much needed change in this city. We have the chance collectively to vote for people who will put the needs of the people of Derry first, people who will challenge the ongoing ludicrous decision making and the recurring empty promises we are expected to swallow year in year out from the political parties. The same political parties who rest on their laurels between election times, that's unless there's a photo shoot happening, or an invite to participate in an edition of Spotlight,well outside of ambush editions lol!

There are people active in the community all year round, some on a voluntary basis, who are now standing as independent candidates in attempt to make things better for the people of this city. Their stance is a natural progression from the work they do daily in the community. Having been out on the canvass trail with one of the candidates it is clear people are fed up to the back teeth with the current crop and many were considering spoiling their vote. Talking to people on their doors I've heard many of them say that they are glad there are independent candidates standing and to quote one person in particular 'voting for any of them parties is like turkeys voting for Christmas!'

No doubt the election campaigns have proved trying at times for some of the independent candidates. In particular the candidates who have been subjected to malicious and libellous accusations from people who fail to grasp the concept of acceptance, fairness and democracy. These actions have been viewed by many as a futile attempt to hinder change, in an attempt maintain the current status quo. Some of these attacks have been as pathetic and laughable as the rehashed party election promises we have heard time and time again!

From April 1st 2015 local councils will have increased responsibilities with the number of councils  being reduced from 26 to 11. These increased responsibilities include Housing, Planning, Roads, Urban regeneration, community development, local economic development and Tourism. This is why now more than ever we need people free from party constraints, dogma and ideology in local council to ensure openness, transparency and accountability in terms of decision making. And having had first hand experience of dealing with Derry City Council the thought of them having increased powers and responsibilities with no independent oversight is something I find quite frightening!

Once upon a time Sinn Fein supported Kelvin!
Just yesterday we learned in the Derry Journal of the decision made by the First and Deputy First Ministers to locate investment (Project Kelvin) which had been previously earmarked for Derry to Coleraine. Whilst I don't begrudge any area investment we do need to question why Derry which has the highest unemployment rate in the north has been overlooked yet again despite the promises made last election time.

When the initial controversy of citing project Kelvin in Coleraine and not Derry was in full flight a number of years ago Martina Anderson was on Radio Foyle saying about the economic benefits to Derry, it's a pity she couldn't communicate the same information to Martin McGuinness, even though she's in europe, and he's in Stormont, they do only live around the corner from each other, failing that they could've used the information super highway to communicate with each other, well unless that's been relocated to Coleraine too!
Signing away investment - Stand up for Coleraine!

It's time to Stand up for Derry and elect those who stand for and with the people of Derry and not just at election time.

Dedicated to Arsey!

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