Monday, 20 October 2014

Carr, driven by you!!!!!

Councillor Sean Carr
Over the past few months I like many others have watched with great unease as a local family have fallen foul of what appears to be an SDLP witch hunt. The Carr family are a well respected bunch from Abbey Park in Derry. Councillor Sean Carr, a local undertaker, is known throughout this city for his tireless efforts and commitment to the people of Derry. On a personal level Sean Carr is one of the few Councillors I would contact, as is the case with my wider family members.

A few years ago as part of a residents group myself and others were faced with the impossible task of seeking answers from Derry City Council, answers which should have been readily available to us as ratepayers. During this time Sean Carr was the only Councillor to speak out and provide answers to our questions.

Additionally when I fell foul of an SDLP bully with an allergy to questioning, Sean during a heated meeting with the SDLP Chief Executive Michael Savage spoke out on my behalf when others were content to sit back and say nothing.

Just this year the Carr family came under the spotlight when Sean's son Jimmy, who at that point was a sitting Councillor, was informed two days prior to the local election that the SDLP had withdrawn their support for him as a candidate. This followed allegations of inappropriate messages which were alleged to have been sent via a council iPad. The situation was further exacerbated when Sean Carr's name mysteriously disappeared from a sample ballot paper which had been circulated in the Bogside by the SDLP.

In fairness Jimmy Carr and myself have had a bit of a turbulent relationship but in the grand scheme of things Jimmy is generally a good kid with a good heart, who I should add was later cleared of the allegations against him. Despite this Jimmy has never received an apology from the SDLP who treated him in a manner worthy of Stalin.

I have just today contacted the SDLP to air my grievance and to advise of the knock on effect the treatment of the Carr family  may have on the party particularly in the run up to the Westminster election. My views were listened to however I doubt they will contribute in any way to resolving this issue as i suspect the primary focus for some within the SDLP is to ensure the mayor gets a seat!

I would further add that the SDLP members behind this latest fiasco have as much interest in the truth as I have in shark fishing..

In the event this issue cannot be sorted within the SDLP I personally vow to support Sean Carr if he later chooses to continue his work as a Councillor on an independent basis. Furthermore it must be acknowledged that the Carr family clearly have the support of a broad range of people in the wider community. As such I would take this opportunity to remind the SDLP as they approach the next election that people do not take kindly to decent people being treated like dirt. 

The SDLP should be doing what it can to keep the Sean Carr's of the party as anything else defies logic. But then again this is the party who refused accept the outcome of a report they commissioned in relation to the public perception of the party.

On a separate note here are two facts for you to think about:

Emile Durkheim, a French Sociologist, was a major proponent of structural functionalism, a macro perspective which acknowledges the need for inequality.

Lastly, Clint Eastwood was a Cowboy!

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