Thursday, 30 October 2014

Resist Tory Cuts they said!!!!

Presenters of Rip off Britain!

Dear Rip Off Britain

I would like to draw your attention to a situation that I believe warrants your immediate attention and expertise. On an annual basis here in the North of Ireland millions of pounds via the British treasury are wasted by a group of cowboys acting as a government known as the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Between them these cowboys are representative of just over 50% of the population. And thanks to system known as proportional representation, a complex mathematical equation designed to get as many undesirables elected, we have 108 undesirables who are about as useful as Captain Hook in gynecology clinic.

Over the past few months one section of this Assembly known as Sinn Fein have been asking ordinary people (including those who don't even get an average industrial wage) to join them in their alleged campaign to Stop Tory Cuts.

Additionally this request has been delivered door to door in the form of colourful literature which contains statements such as“ If implemented these cuts will drive thousands into poverty, homelessness and desperation. Sinn Fein will continue to stand up for all communities being targeted by the Tories.” On the flip-side of the literature it also states that “the Assembly and the Executive MUST defend your rights.” Followed by “the Assembly and Executive MUST defend families, children, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged.”

The above suggestions are all fairly admirable however just this evening it was announced that Sinn Fein and their counterparts the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) have voted in support of a draft budget which is estimated to slice £870 million out of our already crumbling economy. Then to add insult to injury these cowboys have raked up another £100 million in debt that will be added to their debts accrued through the use of Private Finance Initiatives which is a staggering £250 million per annum. That said with members of the Assembly earning over 40 thousand quid + expenses + perks and the Dawg and deputy Dawg earning £71,434.00, they can afford to be a bit flash with the cash.

This acceptance of the draft budget not only completely negates the Sinn Fein stance but showed that their party president's (Gerry Adams) recent comments that Sinn Fein would be willing to allow the Executive to fall before it imposes budget cuts were meaningless.

Since the announcement today that Sinn Fein have begun the process of implementing those Tory cuts, sources say they are also involved in fund-raising to get Gerry a new spine. It is envisaged that Gerry may or may not have this procedure carried out in the private Manhattan clinic where he had his arse done.

During a televised news interview with the BBC, Martin McGuinness a senior Sinn Fein Minister and Deputy First Minister of the North explained that a failure to implement the draft budget would lead to the collapse of the current administration and that anyone who believes otherwise would need to give themselves a shake, maybe Martin should have told Gerry that before he went shouting the odds about bringing the institutions down.

What's even more astounding is that today as Gerry forgot himself and praised the cuts as leadership, Dathai McKay was complaining on the Sinn Fein website that the cuts would result in a hospital closure. Dathai said '“The DUP is targeting front-line services in the health service, and that is shameful.' Yet this totally contradicts Martin McGuinness's claim on the very same Sinn Fein website also published today that front-line services are protected in budget agreement.

Competition time - spot the odd one out!

It is clear these people are incapable of making decisions or standing over them nor are they capable of ensuring value for money. So Rip Off Britain as your show is funded by public money  I'd like you to give me value for money and have your best crack team of investigators, investigate these crackpot cowboys and provide me with answers to the following questions:

Do we the downtrodden have a case under the Sales of Goods and Services Act 1982?

Do Sinn Fein have a case to answer in terms of false advertising in respect of the  promises contained in their recent campaign literature?

Lastly it is common knowledge that you can get into trouble with the law for impersonating a police officer, taking this into consideration I would query if those involved in impersonating a government at Stormont are breaking any laws?

I look forward to your response

Thank you in advance

A Derry Mother!

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