Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Toilet rolls and curried yoghurt!

Having been suffering from a flu recently I have been watching much to my irritation the shenanigans of the Stormont dynasty coupled with the antics of their equally shifty counterparts in the south in Dole (Dail) Eireann.

Yesterday evening it was announced that the Irish Government should open the case of the Hooded men. This comes months after revelations of how the British Government misled the European Court of Human Rights during the trial case. Whilst the suggestion is indeed welcome I won't hold my breath given the close relationship between both governments who these days appear to be intertwined. The recent release of a video about the impending centennial of the 1916 rising featured no reference to the seven signatories of the proclamation of the Irish Republic but did manage to feature the British Prime Minister and British Queen. Now if that doesn't tell you about the subservient relationship between the Free State and British governments nothing ever will.

Additionally we must keep in mind that we are dealing here with a government who are attempting to introduce a water tax despite the Irish people have an exemption within an EU agreement on charges for domestic water use. What is quite frightening is that the contract Irish Water and the Irish Government expect people to sign states that they must seek advance written permission from Irish Water to recycle rain water from their guttering and driveways.  Which would suggest that Irish Water is now claiming ownership of rain water.

In legal terms damage by rainfall is considered an act of God as such insurance companies generally restrict liability. Does this now mean that anyone with a contract with Irish Water can hold them liable if their property suffers flood damage caused by rainfall? Or does this mean that Irish Water hold themselves on par with the almighty?

As equally absurd, in the north of the island we have the outstanding issue of elusive cultural societies with charitable status who rent space to political parties albeit at a high cost. Reading between the lines these societies would appear to be invisible “musical organisations that specialise in fiddling.” Maybe if the owner of the office Arlene Foster availed of had of spoken to the shinners, or to use their non de plume, the societies, he too may have qualified for charitable status, removing the need for Arlene to pay his rates via the public purse. Another issue of deep concern involves the amount of money being paid out for the rental of an over-sized office, which is rented by a Hussey who appears to be partial to a bit of role play.

Next we have Gregory Campbell, say what you like about him but he has always been consistent with his bigoted moronic rants. Lately Gregory's focus in the midst of economic despair has been on toilet paper, curry and yoghurt. I suppose you could argue that with the consumption of curried yoghurt coupled with the vast amount of verbal diarrhea spewed by Gregory one might require extra toilet paper. Gregory and his party leader will no doubt argue that his sentiments have been taken out of context however the reality is Gregory would rather clean his behind with any mention of promoting the Irish language than fulfill the promises outlined in the Good Friday Agreement. What makes the mind boggle further is these nonsensical rants seem to feature highly in news headlines yet appear to escape the attention of the equality commission who seem to make cakes and small businesses their priority.

Today the main news headlines involve the king of amnesia Gerry Adams, who used inappropriate language in a recent statement. Gerry has since taken to time to apologise for his remarks which included the word “bastards” explaining that he was referring to "bigots", and not all unionists. It might be an idea for Gerry to us the word the “bastards” when standing in the Dail pontificating about water charges to remind his cohorts that the water tax is unnecessary and unfair particularly as “ only our rivers run free” which is in no reference to the bottled Irish water sold by Sinn Fein at their Ard Fheis.

You could argue that with his apology Gerry has shown great leadership but then he is as selective with his apologies as he is with his capacity to recall events of the past. After all this is the same Gerry who had a list of alleged sex abusers posted through his letterbox and immediately arranged for it to be delivered to the Gardai. However in the case of his niece the best Gerry could muster was a call to social services over head lice and a signed copy of his book which featured a prominent dedication to his brother Liam (the abuser) who he claimed he was estranged from at that time.

Please don't be fooled by random comedic and choreographed radical outbursts. These headline grabbers are designed to deflect from issues such as the scale back on the police investigation into Bloody Sunday which seems to have escaped the notice of many of our politicians including those who reside locally. Other issues include austerity, the sneaky installation of water meters in areas of the north, the butchering of front line services, and the deaths of people unable to avail of much needed healthcare services, a miscarriage of justice, internment, and not forgetting attempts by the British government to erase the past, rewrite the past and evade justice.

Frankly our politicians have become an insult to human intelligence and now act as a promotional tool for the restoration of Direct British Rule. The recent Spotlight programme showed how our politicians here are more focused on how they can manipulate the system to line their own pockets yet cry foul when challenged over their actions. After all it's not their fault the system is open to abuse, some would even say they are just making good use of it!

Welcome to the island of equity, where elements of the Good Friday Agreement are akin to toilet paper and societies are measured on their financial value.

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