Monday, 30 March 2015

Kate Nash writes to OFMDFM about Christy Walsh.

Kate Nash, Bloody Sunday family member.

Dear Ministers

A very sad case has come to my attention and feel it a moral duty to write to your Government and express my deep concern about a man who was convicted of something he didn't do on the word of a British Paratrooper, may I add by a Judicial system that wouldn't look out of place in a third world dictatorship,  in short a Diplock court.

Christy Walsh served seven years and was eventually released on the basis of an unsafe conviction in 2010.

 I feel it is imperative that this Government rectify in some way the phycological damage that has been done to Christy who at this time is on hungerstrike,  something which I feel is an act of deep despair.

  Compensation must be made as soon as possible to Christy whilst of course his health can be assessed and help given as immediately as is humanly possible, also before a tragedy occurs and blame left solely on those who refuse to recognise the great wrong inflicted on this innocent human being.

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  1. Kate, Thank you very much for writing to the Ministers on my behalf. I hoe at least one of us get a response. Christy