Sunday, 24 July 2016

Anti Good Friday Agreement, Anti Democracy Dissidents seek to Destabilise North.

The political drama in the north has been intense over the past few weeks, so much so it has left me questioning whether or not a lot of it is a sideshow designed to take the focus of more imminent issues.

Brexit remains a prominent feature in this deflection as was also clear from the recent local council meeting I attended. Here a motion was carried to have the rights of the majority respected with the majority of people in Derry & the north having voted to remain within the EU.

Now here's the rub, these politicians like myself knowingly took part in a UK wide referendum yet are now refusing to accept the democratic outcome because it didn't go in their favour. As someone who openly voted to remain within the EU I believe the actions of both 'nationalist' parties to be disingenuous as well as being dismissive of their much vaunted Good Friday Agreement. An agreement which in effect cemented the north into the UK via the following section 'Northern Ireland in its entirety remains part of the United Kingdom and shall not cease to be so without the consent of a majority of the people'. Note to politicians this isn't the hokey cokey we haven't the luxury of dipping in and out when it suits, as another song goes, 'we're all in this together', like it or loathe it.

Usually when there's an election in the air you can't go thirty paces without the forced smile of a potential politician scaring small children from their perch on a lamp post. But this election was different despite the huge impact a leave vote would have. The performance by the 'Nationalist' parties was lackluster at best, I would go so far as to say even a healthy dose of viagra wouldn't have given their campaigns the oomph required. This would explain the overall low Nationalist turnout. It's actually sad to think that a comedian was a more prominent and effective remain campaigner than all the comedians, sorry politicians here.

Post Brexit the SDLP's Colum Eastwood said "here on the island of Ireland, we must map the challenges, purposes and priorities that could most affect us, north and south, rather than following the impulses and bad decisions of the British government". This comment whilst constructive is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted in that these “challenges, purposes and priorities” should have been discussed in advance of any referendum.

Sinn Fein's immediate response to Brexit was to call for a border poll. As keen negotiators of the Good Friday Agreement I'm sure Sinn Fein are aware that a border poll not only requires the consent of a majority people but the express permission of the British Secretary of State. With partition having been designed to ensure a six county unionist majority I don't believe we'll see a border poll anytime soon. And if by some miracle we do then with the uncertainty deriving from Brexit I doubt we will get the desired outcome unless of course we buy into the outcome of recent opinion polls which don't require the permission of the Secretary of State or proof that you live in Ireland north or south.

At a meeting held recently in Strabane Sinn Fein representatives announced that they have retained two international barristers in a bid to challenge the British Government over Brexit. Sinn Fein's Pat Doherty suggested that the party want to protect the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement. With Donegal Senator Padraig Maclochlainn stating that “Brexit is dangerous and destabilising for the peace process”. The strong possibility of a physical border is another bone of contention for the party, that with the added fear of a British military presence at the borders. Whilst these are genuine concerns, I think at this point energies should be channeled into getting the best deal possible for the north in terms of the border, financial assurances and GFA obligations.

One of my main concerns is that outside of the EU we effectively lose a regulatory body, which when necessary can scrutinise the actions of Cruel Britannia without us having to go through Strasbourg which includes a lengthy process. Everything else is up for negotiation and who knows there may even be a legal loophole to be exploited.

Now back to the hokey cokey, if we had the luxury of opting in and out of the UK then our politicians should have done so over the welfare reform debacle. The idea that further hardship is to be inflicted upon a struggling population still suffering the after effects of the conflict does not bear thinking about. If we at any time deserved special status then it should have been then. But oh no after a bit of costly sham fighting our politicians handed devolved welfare powers back to the millionaire Tory cabinet in an attempt to absolve themselves of responsibility.

This is the same Tory government in London “who don’t give a damn about people in the North – unionist or nationalist” as was recently stated by Martin McGuinness. It's a pity his party didn't take the same view when agreeing to hand welfare powers back to them. But then these same Sormont parties were content to hand legislation to deal with the past over to Westminster until challenged by local victims at which point they began to back track. Whether they will hand this legislation to Westminster in the coming months remains to be seen. Either way this legislation will be submitted soon with a significant amount of focus now being placed on the need to deal with the past and the need for victim's trauma services.

And on the need for services I would like to see those in public office devote more attention to other issues stemming from the troubles. The sad truth is we have lost more people to suicide since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement than those killed during the troubles. Added to this is the recorded heavy reliance on anti-depressants in the north as well as the growing addiction crisis. Yet despite this we have little by way of resources to properly address these issues. Whilst many of these people don't fall into the victim category they are none the less victims of circumstance and as human rights go are entitled to services conducive to their well-being. Services which are currently limited to the point of non-existent in many places.

Another concern is the issue of Welfare reform. Could I be right in thinking that the Brexit debacle is being used to divert attention from ongoing savage cuts to the welfare budget? Brexit to take the focus of the many more set to struggle to afford breakfast? With recent figures showing the numbers reliant on emergency food parcels from the Trussel Trust in the north having increased by 48%.

The Disability Living Allowance which is widely claimed in the north has recently been replaced by the Personal Independence Payment. With this there has been little explanation on how the three rates of payment under DLA have been reduced to two under PIPs, removing the lower rate that many currently rely on. With the main Stormont parties quiet on the subject I have attached an information leaflet below.

Another issue which has managed to slide by quietly is the recent questioning of the Bloody Sunday Soldiers. These soldiers were questioned by appointment then later released without charge having refused to comment. The idea that those suspected of murder, I would go further and say war crimes, were able to dictate the terms of their questioning and halt a police investigation to do so to this day still astounds me, particularly with the suspects having been pinpointed during a lengthy judicial inquiry. In terms of their questioning my guess is these soldiers who are being supported by the MOD had two options open to them, silence or to state they were following orders which is no longer a defence. And even if it was the shooters have already been branded rogues and bad apples by those higher up the chain of command to take the focus of how the whole orchard was rotten from root to branch, top to bottom. Bad apples and rogue elements seem to be the phrases used when state forces are exposed as being involved in torture and murder. From collusion and shoot to kill in the north to the torture and murder of Iraqi civilians in the far east.

As many of the Bloody Sunday families continue in their quest for justice I can't help but notice a two tier justice system right down to the cut backs in the legal aid budget. Moreover I can't help but think of how the issues marched for that day January 1972 remain the same despite increased representation at Stormont. We still have internment without trial as is seen in the case of Tony Taylor who is being held at the whim of the British Secretary of State, and we continue to have a housing and poverty crisis. Ask yourself outside of the the peace carve up and superficial window dressing how far have we really come?

In a recent televised interview Veteran Civil Rights leader Ivan Cooper told the politicians here to get “off their asses and get the work done”. When discussing the non-violent, ant-sectarian civil rights movement he described it as a “great movement” adding there was “never another one like it”. With many politicians only good at sitting on their asses I can't help but think maybe there should be?

I suppose as I sign off this latest entry it would be remiss of me not to mention the Irish Government strategy when it comes to referenda, with specific reference to the treaties of Lisbon & Nice. If at first you don't get the result you want just hold another referendum. Sure it flies in the face of democracy but it seems democracy is only democracy when you get the result you want. If the remain camp had won the brexit vote I'm quite sure they would've been telling anyone objecting to the outcome to respect the democratic wishes of the people anything else is Anti Good Friday Agreement by malcontent Anti Democracy Dissidents and will only help to destabilise the North.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Clarification on comments made recently in the local press.

I have penned this letter in response to articles published in the Derry Journal on July 6th and Derry News on July 7th 2016. These articles were based on comments by some of our local elected representatives. I had intended to send this to the press but have decided against this because I am positive they would sanitise it. So dear blog readers get a cuppa and get ready to read about the adventures of some of our elected representatives and their uncanny ability to make fact out of fiction.

The comments made in both articles relate to recent Community Planning events which were held consecutively in three of the city's electoral wards on June 30th. During these events an interim Chairperson for each area was selected to represent each DEA at a Council planning forum. As one of the nominees I am concerned that some Councillors in a bid to detract from councils failings in this process have proceeded to indulge in trial by media and lambast many of those who have shown interest in areas of community planning.

As well as writing this widely read blog I am a mother and a community activist who devotes a lot of her spare time to assisting & supporting members of the community with a range of issues. In 2009, I was a founder member of the Galliagh ConcernedResidents Group which took Council to task over their refusal to acknowledge their role in a community development. Council's handling of this situation saw residents notified of developments in their area as opposed to being consulted with. I had hoped that lessons had been learned from this but clearly not with the recent community planning events proving little more than a flawed paper exercise. Further to this has been the appalling conduct of some Councilors one of whom (Councillor McCallion) has made continuous spurious allegations, which believe it or not stem from meetings she did not attend.

These allegations take a number of forms:

Councilor McCallion alleges there was a 'mob' traveling between the meetings intimidating people including Councillors and Council officers. If so have either the Council officers or Councillors concerned logged this alleged intimidation with the police? If not then we must question why a Councillor who was not in attendance at these meetings has made such allegations. In an era when most people have some sort of smart phone attached to them if there was intimidation and 'mob' rule then surely someone must have evidence of this. And whilst hearsay and supposition may amount to fact in Councillor McCallion's world in the real world it amounts to little, well unless you count closed material proceedings.

Councillor McCallion's second allegation of intimidation related to what has been described as a heated exchange between two older women. This is something local SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has also commented on in the press. However as with Councillor McCallion, Councillor Brian Tierney was also not at the meeting.

I am concerned by Councillors Tierney and McCallion's keenness to indulge in trial by media. To condemn someone in the press (whether you name them or not) it would be useful if either of these 'community leaders' had actually witnessed something or spoken to the accused. A woman who believes that out of a room rife with heated debate she has been used a scapegoat. Which is quite possibly an attempt to deflect from Council's poor handling of the entire situation and the fact the people are now challenging the status quo. After all it wouldn't be good for the status quo if people started to have input into what happens in their communities!

The third allegation made by Councilor McCallion involves an Independent Councilor who she alleges instructed one of the nominees to withdraw her nomination. That a Councilor and former first citizen of this city would spew such unfounded nonsense is not only deeply concerning but is starting to make the ideas of former British Law Lord Kenneth Diplock seem fair and just. Again unlike Councillor McCallion I have actually spoken to the nominee and Councillor both of whom totally refute Councilor McCallion's allegation. I'm sure if Councillor McCallion had spoken to the lady who withdrew her nomination then things would be different. But then it's possible Councillor McCallion wouldn't want the truth getting in the way of a few soundbites in the media. Note for future reference; what you know, what you're told, what you think you know and what you can actually substantiate with fact or evidence are entirely different things.

On July 6th I asked to meet with SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney to raise my concerns with him. Councillor Tierney agreed to meet & clarified some of the comments attributed to him. However whether Councillor Tierney will take the time to clarify his position publicly in the media is unknown, although I would hope he will do the right thing.

I also extended the same courtesy to Sinn Fein Councilor Elisha McCallion having rang her office requesting to speak with her about her recent comments. As of today the response from Councilor McCallion has been about as substantive as her evidence in that she hasn't responded.

If we are to move forward as city then we need to be looking at how the recent behaviour of some Councillors could discourage potential investors. To ensure an end to this behaviour I would call on the Councillors in question to revisit the Nolan principles on public life after all can you imagine any other profession where people in leadership positions call colleagues liars publicly and spread misinformation about the people they are charged with representing. If it was any other profession then their conduct would be deemed unacceptable and they would be removed from their position. How this looks to people from outside the city should be of concern to everyone.

In closing I feel the important thing now is to ensure the involvement of the wider community in all areas of community planning. As such I would suggest that Council refers these matters back to the community this time availing of a broad spectrum of avenues to help advertise these events, with proper management processes put in place to ensure that anyone who wants to engage with Council on their plans for the community & the city have opportunity do so. After all a community plan without the community is just a plan, one the community have no ownership of.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Vote Early and Vote Often!!

There are times when I am so glad of this blog. This blog gives me the space to convey my thoughts and on the odd occasion the opportunity to set the record straight, particularly when there are those out there content to distort the truth. Now let me tell you a long and boring story........

Derry City and Strabane District Council held a number of 'Community Planning Meetings', three of which took place in Derry on June 30th. Despite claiming to want further engagement on matters of community planning council in their endeavors failed to notify residents of these meetings outside of an advertisement in the classified section of the Derry Journal, which in itself speaks volumes. I would go as far as to say that Council has contradicted key elements in their own draft plan. In the plan Council states they want 'More engaged & influential communities.' & 'Residents don't feel involved in decision making which affects them'. So what do they do, they don't give the community opportunity to engage in the process, therefore denying them the chance of becoming involved in the decision making process & influencing matters which affect them! And this is a super council! Yeah super duper!

In addition to this the process employed by Council was wide open to abuse with people who knew of the meetings able to cast a vote for the interim chairperson nominees of their choosing in all of the three electoral areas, giving life to the old saying 'vote early and vote often'. Yup even if you lived in the Brandywell you could turn up in Ballyarnett ward and vote there too. I kid you not this process made the infamous Londonderry Corporation seem like a reasonable bunch of chaps and is evidence that community planning engagement has become little more than a weighted paper exercise.

Prior to these meetings I was approached by residents and asked to put myself forward for the position of interim chairperson in the Ballyarnett DEA. As one of the many disenfranchised from local community structures I was immediately dismissive of the very suggestion, with the current community framework subject to weighted political control. However after a bit of persuasion I reluctantly put forward my nomination offering skills, experience, fresh blood and objectivity. Sadly in our community these traits count for nothing because as I expected the troops were rallied (metaphorically of course) to ensure one of the usual suspects filled the available positions. In the two other areas some nominees for the post of Interim Chair withdrew their nominations one of those specifically citing the treatment of people at a meeting earlier that day as part of the reason for the withdrawal of his nomination.

As the ballots for interim chairperson were being counted at the first meeting there was a palpable level of discontent among many of the attendees who were concerned that the process lacked structure & was stacked. In advance of the meeting and fully aware of what lay ahead I discussed with some residents the two potential outcomes of the vote. Here it was agreed that if I was unsuccessful we would establish an alternative structure which would take the form of an Independent Community Forum with a related electronic hub. When the vote was announced 73/31 I took the opportunity to announce our plans which went down like a lead balloon with some. Why or how anyone could have a problem with the community being kept up to date with information on developments in their area is beyond me. Maybe in cloud cuckoo land or in one of Josef Stalin's wet dreams this would be an issue. But in modern day Derry City, the jewel in the north, the crucible of civil rights, surely not! But alas some people just have no consideration for the community when pretending to implement a community planning process . Despite this, when leaving I then personally congratulated the new interim chairperson Martin Connolly, something which has been conveniently overlooked by those seeking to quiet any alternative voice.

Former Mayor Elisha McCallion was quick to dismiss the suggestion of an independent forum describing it as divisive. This after I explained that the forum would be open, transparent and inclusive. As Elisha spoke I thought to myself just what part of open, transparent and inclusive does she not understand? Having responded to her comments Elisha approached me immediately after the meeting in a bid to reinforce her point. This gave me the opportunity to reiterate my position and to remind her of her part in what was widely regarded as a divisive process in 2009 when she was employed by the Galliagh Development Trust .

As word filtered out that people had the audacity to be concerned about a flawed process the facebook warriors kicked in to quell questions from curious citizens and to attempt to blacken people who disagreed with keeping the community in the dark. In the midst of this were comments made about myself by Sinn Fein's Director of Elections, Mickey Anderson. Not only did Mickey attribute comments to me that I never made in respect of a 'countering community hub' Mickey stated I did not congratulate Martin Connolly on his election, wrong on both counts Mickey as can be confirmed by the newly elected interim chairperson.

But then I wasn't the only person to have fallen foul of Mickey's misdirected ire. In a follow up
statement Mickey accused local people of intimidating former Sinn Fein MLA Mary Nelis including those he refers to as so called independents. With this maybe Mickey would like to take the opportunity to clarify which independents he was referring to and who he was calling an anti-community thug? Moreover maybe Mickey can confirm if he was speaking as an individual or in his capacity as a prominent Sinn Fein figure in the Derry area?

I would welcome a response from Mickey and will gladly publish his response. Oh and Mickey if you're reading this, if you choose to write to me anonymously, unlike previous correspondence to my husband, when sending an email and seeking to remain anonymous don't send it from your Mickey Anderson email address as the clue is in the name!

Mickey was joined online by his Sinn Fein Comrade, Colm Barton who derided people for not accepting the outcome of a 'democratic' election, yet both are associated with a party who in the aftermath of the 'brexit' vote are now disputing the outcome of an election, well an actual election one in which you could only vote in a ward if you were registered there and you needed i.d. to vote, unlike the 'Mickey Mouse' version foisted upon the people by those clever folks paid out of our domestic rates.

Where this goes and how this pans out is ultimately in the hands of the council and I for one hope common sense prevails, after all a community plan without the community is just a plan. And if residents don't feel involved in decision making which affects them, then Council has failed at the first hurdle.

The thing is people want what's best for their community, they want what's best for their children, but this won't be achieved by perpetuating the same self serving structures that have caused a disconnect between the community and groups operating in the name of the community. Like the Londonderry corporation some structures just need to be condemned to the dustbin of history. Now that's one bin I would like to see disposed of.