Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cool Your Jets!

With no pun intended things have been quite heated in Derry recently both before and after the Bogside Bonfire. So much so that Johnathan Powell (British Peace Negotiator) was last reported heading for hills. And could you blame him with some politicians hotter under the collar than those who attended the bonfire.

Bonfires like them or loathe them are a recognised tradition. As such some city councils operate a bonfire management scheme to ensure that these are family friendly and safe events. Unfortunately our council area appears to have a two tier system of bonfire management. As the young people in the Bogside faced recrimination, they were aware that in the Fountain Estate overlooking where they live was another bonfire, one that did not see the same level of controversy. But then this is no doubt down to good community leadership in that area..

Talks about the bonfire broke down when to put it as simply as possible the young people disengaged feeling dictated to. With little leadership or compromise being provided by our so called civic and political leaders local young people later lit the bonfire at the bottom of the City flyover, and with the controversy surrounding this action the bonfire was attended by more people than in previous years.

The burning of Sinn Fein election boards has sparked a lot anger particularly amongst party members and supporters. Whilst I disagree with burning images reaction to this from Sinn Fein party members has been astounding. To understand this we need to question why young people feel so marginalised that they will burn election posters, the burning of British flags is nothing new. However when we question the actions of the young people we need to examine the actions and responses of civic and political leaders. We had the former Sinn Fein Mayor brand people scum, a call for the reinstatement of the IRA by a member of the policing board and a man refer to the children as feral children. All this over a bonfire, the mess of which was cleaned within hours the next day. If only every mess could be cleaned up so easily!

As some politicians and their cronies continue with their outbursts they seem to have overlooked their own wrong doing in this, yet I'm sure their self inflated egos would shudder at the very notion that in their omnipotence they had done anything wrong. Young people are just like the rest of us if they get respect then they're more likely to give it. What's interesting in all this is that out of all the parties and groups it's those connected with Sinn Fein who are the most vitriolic on this issue.

In an article published in the Irish News on Saturday 21st August Martin McGuinness claimed dissident republicans are 'manipulating' youths behind the attacks on Dove House. With this assertion we must question if McGuinness has evidence to substantiate this. If yes has he taken it to the police? If no then are we to assume that this political grandstanding?

In reference to local children McGuinness went on to say: “They need to get their act together; their parents need toget their act together”. If ever there was a brass neck!!! If you want to talk about 'needing to get their act together', lets talk about the fact that the Stormont Administration has failed to develop an anti-poverty strategy for Northern Ireland. Last year High Court Judge Mr Justice Treacy ruled that the Stormont administration was in breach of a duty to implement an overarching blueprint for tackling social exclusion and deprivation. Yet I don't hear the same level of vitriol over the failure to implement a poverty strategy than I do over the bonfire! 

Let's talk about the unemployment level and lack of opportunity for young people, I'll bet you've heard more about the bonfire than you've heard about that. What about the increase of people relying on food-banks? And let's not forget how Stormont parties including Sinn Fein were happy to hand the power over 'welfare reform' to the Tories. If ever a people were shafted by their political leaders then this surely must go down in history as a prime example. So Mr McGuinness the next time you decide to launch all manner of unsubstantiated attacks on people, can I suggest a period of self reflection first.

I would like to point out that this is not an attack on Sinn Fein but as previously pointed out members of their party have been the most vitriolic on this issue. Had Sinn Fein have taken time to engage with local youths instead of demonising them then things could have been a lot different and still could  with cool heads and a common sense approach. 

Cherishing ALL children of the nation equally.

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