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By Their Own Words Shall They Be Judged.

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Most people who know me will appreciate that I have no problem putting forward a position, backing it up and where necessary arguing my point. I’m also not backward about coming forward, and will if I can support anyone who is being dealt an unjust hand. So because of that and my blog I do expect people to debate with or challenge me.

Late last year and earlier this year I was forced to defend myself against an online facebook campaign of abuse, this wasn’t your average halfwit type stuff, this was nasty, malicious and came from the venomous minds of some, including people my husband & I had once called friends. I responded to these people through my blog, after all you can’t actually respond and challenge people if they blacken your name to friends in private messages, block you on social media and refuse to meet with you.  

A few months passed with nothing and then just when you think all is quiet on the Western Front up pops the not so intelligent aspect of unaccountable policing. Honestly, if the authorities ever decide to re-open the Castlereagh Interrogation centre then they should look no further than the individuals I will later name in this piece. Individuals who think nothing of concocting stories about people in their closed settings, individuals who make the ideas of the General Brigadier Frank Kitson and Colin Wallace seem amateurish. 

In January of this year, I published a blog referencing a local man Thomas ‘Dixie’Elliot who had for months previously been dragging my name and that of my husband into gutter both publicly but mostly in private. During his campaign of online abuse, this man threatened to ‘expose’ me as a ‘shit-stirrer’ among other things. When he was challenged to meet with me he wouldn’t and when challenged to ‘expose me’, well you guessed it I’m still waiting. Yet despite this, this week he bizarrely claimed to Journalist Ed Maloney that he had ‘exposed me’. I do think I’ll need to drop Ed Moloney a line to ask him if he can shed any light on what I was supposed to have done as ‘Dixie’ has yet to tell me and I doubt he will. And as for 'threatening legal action' for exposing me, the only thing Dixie has exposed is his own nastiness, and from some of the supportive messages I have received, I'm not Dixie's only online target.

Who are the royal "we" Dixie and what is the agenda of this royal "we?"

In the recent barrage of abuse one of the main antagonists repeatedly refused to name me publicly despite doing so privately to numerous individuals. Additionally, her liking a number of comments in particular left me in no doubt that I was the topic of her latest bile, as with the regurgitation of the nonsense from her cohorts the dogs in the street could identify who her latest attack was directed at, but we’ll get to this nasty piece of work in a bit.

Now back to the Whistling Dixie, a few days ago he referred to me as being ‘really dangerous’ after stating when ‘I recognised it was her she was blocked.’  Maybe Thomas Dixie Elliot would care to enlighten me on where he recognised me and what makes me a dangerous individual outside of my supporting a different Stormont Candidate to him in the 2016 Assembly Election? I supported Dr Anne McCloskey, Dixie supported Eamon McCann.

Oops, should I have said that Dixie? After all you claim to be an abstentionist Republican! Outside of this Dixie, who I don’t know that well had no problem with me and was often complimentary of my blogs.  As such it is clear that Dixie’s issue with me dates back to the election when he tried to poison my opinion of my preferred candidate and is quite possibly based on the opinions of a few rough yet not so little diamonds. On the upside of this I take some comfort from the fact that I am not the first victim of Dixie’s online harassment and cyber stalking as he is a known troll on twitter and was caught using multiple identities as the attachment below will show.

Catherine McCartney is the sister of the late Robert McCartney

In a few of his rants Dixie has claimed I was ‘thrown off the Marian Price Campaign’. Now unlike Dixie my involvement went beyond turning up to protests and as emails to me from Marian’s family both before and after her release will show. Dixie can easily verify this fact should he ever grow a set and meet with me to justify his actions, but as before I doubt he will.

In relation to Dixie’s rantings re the Marian Price Campaign I have no doubt he is taking his lead on this from another member of this little online cabal, Belfast based Uber Republican Fionnuala Perry. Fionnuala has hinted at similar in the past and is again  regurgitating her nonsense of the past. Like Dixie, Fionnuala, or as she is also known ‘Nuala’ is an online ‘legend’ who confuses twisted fiction with fact and is happy to make baseless accusations regardless of the consequences for her victims. When Fionnuala is challenged to substantiate her nonsense and meet with you the best you get here is her roaring and screaming down the phone like a banshee at you. This is what Fionnuala had to say about me. 

After reading the above keep in mind this is the same Fionnuala who trusted me enough to read statements I had penned for the Marian Price Campaign on platforms yet now describes me as being very dangerous, much like this next person who trusted me so much she not only read statements I penned for her but gave me access to her email account to read and pen statements and responses in her name on her behalf.

I’ve done a lot of voluntary work for many people and never mention it.  Today I’m making the point that this isn’t about me hating these people or doing anything on them. This is more to do with the fact that I stopped doing for them at different times, something Fionnuala in particular couldn’t handle. This with her and her Belfast based clique of 4 (with everyone else having left at this point) having been exposed as being inept and ineffective when I withdrew from that end of the campaign for personal and medical reasons as Fionnuala was well aware of. My track record of work speaks for itself and my files and emails can easily substantiate this, these include the complete Marian Price Campaign website, every leaflet that was ever printed, every banner that was ever held as well as letters to and from politicians, justice organisations and the clergy. Fionnuala on the other hand would have great difficulty in producing anything.

The lynch pin of this online Kangaroo Court is Kate Nash. From the 2012 ‘March for Justice’ up to the furore around the proposed victim’s legislation I worked closely with Kate. This ‘working relationship’ only soured when I stopped working for her and when I supported Dr Anne McCloskey in the 2016 election, whilst she like her friend Dixie Elliot supported Eamon McCann. 

Kate on her facebook on 14th August said the following:

With Kate being known as a Human Rights and Justice Campaigner I'm sure she would appreciate the need to substantiate any allegations she was prepared to make against someone. But as she hasn't clearly Kate has a scant knowledge of what justice is and how rights work as if she did she would know that Cyber-bullying is a crime. Kate would also be aware that the accused in any case has the right to be made aware of the case against them which I was not and still haven’t been outside of a few rantings. So here it is Kate, I’m now stating as a fact, you have been abusing me online, you have been blackening my name and attempting, but failing to tarnish my reputation. I am now giving you the opportunity to challenge what I am saying publicly and bring forward your evidence of this alleged latest or indeed any attack on you, an opportunity you and your compatriots have denied me.

What must be noted is, this isn’t the first time Kate has gone out of her way to try to tarnish my name. Previous attempts date back to September 16th 2016 when Kate covertly contacted a good friend to advise him to beware of me this despite my having helped Kate in ways that others wouldn’t including the “justice campaigners” closest to her. At this point I asked to meet with Kate to find out why she was involved in such Machiavellian behaviour, she refused this meeting.

In Kate’s latest nonsensical rant, she has accused me of attacking her under a range of fake facebook profiles, this accusation is not only unfounded and unwarranted but it is untrue. If I wanted to say anything to Kate Nash I would not need a fake or false profile. Kate also suggests that I am  hell driven and that both my husband and I have nefarious agendas. Now I'm sure any rational person will acknowledge in the North these are very dangerous accusations to make. And I am now calling for her to publicly retract these immediately.

The next member of this rogues gallery is the whispering Michael Donnelly. Michael too had a problem with my election choice and made every effort to smear the candidate.

In the Closed Kangaroo Court of Kate, Michael makes a range of allegations which even contradict some of those he last made proving that ‘some people can’t even get their black propagandaright’.

But this seems to be all that can be expected from Michael as he previously attempted to add my father-in-law to his mix as the screenshot below will show, this followed the death of the late Martin McGuinness. Needless to say his efforts failed here too.

Following in his Daddy’s footsteps we then have the hysterical rantings of Michael’s son Deaglan O'Dongaile.  Deaglan seems to be slightly obsessed with my blog and spends a lot of time attempting to humour his online buddies with variations of my blog name. Here's what |Degalan had to say on May 29th this year :

Deaglan you may or may not know is actually a Professor of Victorian Literature and whilst obviously academically gifted definitely lacks a certain wit. In the closed Kangaroo Court of Kate Deaglan had the following to say in the company of fellow academic Goretti Horgan, a self-professed Women’s rights campaigner.

With the next three images I have erased the name of the campaign mentioned with these people clearly attempting to drag the name of a local human rights campaign into disrepute. I'm also calling Deaglan to produce evidence that I have supported violence of any sort.

It would seem that this latest attack on me has come from my being named publicly by a person operating under the profile name of James Connolly who when challenged publicly by me said the aforementioned had accused him of being me after he expressed an opinion they did not like. How very convenient!

Opponents of  kangaroo courts participating in one.

A question now for Goretti Horgan as a self-professed women’s rights campaigner is why she didn’t challenge Deaglan’s use of the word ‘Drongo’ or the unsubstantiated allegations made about myself by her comrades Deaglan O'Donghaile and Kate Nash? This with Goretti having once challenged a journalist over referring to a young woman as a ‘bird’, but then maybe with Goretti some women are more equal than others. Moreover, Goretti seems to perpetuate the lie that I support punishment attacks. Maybe Goretti can explain how she drew this conclusion with my opinion on the use of violence well documented. I would hate to think as an academic Goretti based her statements of fact on supposition and the rantings of a few individuals. Furthermore, maybe she can explain why she as an alleged opponent of Kangaroo courts is participating in one and against a woman? Goretti however is not alone in her thinking as with a few on rogue’s gallery there seems to be the belief that I support Kangaroo courts, paramilitary justice, armed actions and contradictorily Sinn Fein, all of which is untrue. But hey we wouldn't want the truth getting in the way of this Kangaroo Court and character assassination. And as for secret policing, well that takes many forms as your actions prove.

The interesting thing is this all stems from the election of 2016, before that to the best of my knowledge these people had no problem with me well outside of Fionnuala Perry and Goretti Horgan. 

People who know me will know that If I have something to say I will say it and not behind a door but to your face or on here if needed. I’ll sit down and discuss disagreements, and we may still not agree, but that’s life.  If people want to challenge me or my blogs with a reasoned argument then that is fine, but I will not be pilloried and abused by these twisted individuals who have little to offer outside of innuendo, bile and creating division.

In closing I took no pleasure in writing this blog I would rather highlight the issues that will negatively impact on wider society to help raise awareness, but when it comes to defending myself and my family I will always do what is necessary. The people named in this piece would need to realise that their actions do not reflect badly on me but on themselves with these actions for the best part in direct conflict with the positions they claim to hold. How can you claim to be a republican and support the use of closed justice, spurious and unsubstantiated allegations, kangaroo courts and character assassination? Equally how can you claim to be a justice campaigner when your actions serve to leave people vulnerable and show  you don't understand the concept that with rights come responsibilities.  And finally how can you claim to be a women's rights campaigner when you make spurious allegations, participate in a Kangaroo court against a woman and are selective in your condemnation in the use of abusive language against a woman? 

My advice to you people is to get a life and leave me alone to get on with mine.

I would take this opportunity to extend a massive thanks to the people who have been in touch with me over this and for the support shown publicly also. xx

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